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Thursday! (IndiEats Day 4)

I keep putting the day in the headlines of these posts, because I know at least some of us are having trouble keeping track of the day of the week now. It’s like that weird week between Christmas and New Years, but it just keeps going and going…

If you’re doing the Netflix and chill thing a lot these days, and you’d like some movie theater-quality popcorn to go with it, stay tuned…

Meanwhile, we’ve got a full complement of restaurants for you today, as Revel returns from their regular Wednesday day off (try the Daily Press sandwich, if you haven’t already! It’s a favorite, and not just because of the name). La Familia’s chimichangas are waiting for you, as are the Blue Mooo-n Chompers at Tapas Tree Grill and the Silver City Sandwich at Adobe Springs.

Hey, you’ve gotta eat — why not try something different today, and let us bring it to you?



One thought on “Thursday! (IndiEats Day 4)

  1. Nick~ Thanks so much for what you and your staff are doing to keep us healthy and safe! Haven’t had to use the TP yet but we’re holding it in reserve! ~Barbara Gabioud

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