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Friday — and some restaurant news

Good morning, Americans — it’s Friday!

We got some bittersweet news yesterday: Revel, one of our first two partner restaurants, has decided to temporarily close their doors for the duration of the present public health emergency, effective after their dinner service Saturday. It’s obviously sad news because Revel is one of our favorite restaurants, but don’t despair too much. Revel’s owners made it clear to us that they will return after this COVID-19 cloud passes, and this temporary closure is key to their being able to do that. A full closure will mean reduced utility bills and payroll, as well as no worrying about food orders in this bizarre time. It will, in short, allow them to conserve resources for the other side, and that’s a good thing. To hear more about the decision directly from the Revelers themselves, check out this short video they posted on Facebook Thursday afternoon.

On the other hand, it also highlights the struggles all restaurants are enduring right now, as well as the importance of your support. That’s why the Daily Press started this delivery service — to help some community businesses keep their doors open, and keep the good food coming in some dark times for us all. While there are, thankfully, enhanced unemployment benefits for Revel’s soon-to-be-laid-off workers, we know most, if not all, of them would rather be downtown, working hard and seeing the regular customers who have become a part of their lives. Another of our restaurant partners told us that they were evaluating their business on a day-to-day basis, and may well make the decision to temporarily close their doors as well.

If you want great food options, now’s the time to spend a little money at Grant County’s restaurants. You have two days left to enjoy Revel for the next little while — and you can easily do that without leaving the comfort of your own home by checking out their menu here, then calling IndiEats at 575-597-2000 to place your order. If Revel’s not what you’re in the mood for, then check out La Familia, or Adobe Springs, or Tapas Tree Grill. Or go pick something up from one of the other fantastic restaurants that haven’t signed up to join IndiEats yet — Diane’s, or Mi Casita… the list goes on and on. To the extent you are able, help keep those dollars circulating in town, even though we can’t do so ourselves right now. It’ll help out your neighbors, and help put food on the table, literally.



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