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Wednesday, aka 'Day Three'

Two exciting things to announce today: First, a new restaurant joins us! Welcome to Tapas Tree Grill, which is open for lunch orders only. Check out their menu — my personal favorite is the Vietnamese Pork Crepe (although my mom loves the Salad Rio, and my roommate swears by the Thai Noodle Bowl), and place your order before 10 this morning.

Of course, Adobe Springs and La Familia also offer some dang tempting options, too. I had Beef Tips from Adobe Springs for dinner last night — you can’t go wrong, as long as you order the Chile Verde Rice as one of your sides. And Revel will be back with us Thursday, since today is their regular day off of work.

Second big announcement: Our new ordering system is up and running! This is probably only a big deal for the people who work here in the office, since delivery customers don’t actually see the system in action. Believe me when I say that it’s a great thing, though. It will make everyone’s lives here easier (since their primary job is running a newspaper, not a food delivery service), and it sets us up for direct online ordering in the future.

I’m excited, anyway.

All this means that today would be a great day to try out IndiEats, if you haven’t already! Or go pick up food from one of Silver City’s great restaurants — or take advantage of the delivery options being offered directly from places like Mi Casita, Diane’s or La Cocina. So long as you’re supporting a restaurant, I’m a happy guy. I don’t cook much, and the thought of losing ANY of these places during this economic crisis is pretty gut-wrenching.

Have a great day!



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