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Hello, faithful eater, and welcome to another week of IndiEats! First, the restaurant updates:

Wrangler’s Bar and Grill has made the temporary decision to close on Mondays — so no Wrangler’s ordering is available on Monday, here or anywhere else. And of course, Revel continues to be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

And since they’ve reopened for dine-in service, Adobe Springs has decided to leave the IndiEats service — so their menu will no longer be available here. 😭 While we are very sad that they’re leaving us, we’re super-stoked that they’re doing so well that they don’t
need little old us to get by anymore!

Which brings us to The Future (cue creepy space music): What’s your opinion on the future direction of this service? We launched to help restaurants weather the storm of COVID-19 shutdowns, and now, most restaurants — including all of our partners — have reopened for limited dine-in service. Hopefully, the worst of things are behind us.

However, the state recommends (and many of us are still committed to) practicing social distancing whenever possible. So: Do you think there’s a continued need for IndiEats? How would you like to see the service evolve as things reopen?

I’d be thrilled to hear whatever feedback you might have — just email me at

Now — go make it a great week!



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