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Happy Monday! And welcome back to an old friend

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog — we’ve been keeping our heads down, trying to have a little fun and, of course, delivering a lot of great food.

Speaking of great food, I’m super-stoked to announce that we have a new(-ish) addition to our restaurant lineup — Revel. And if that place sounds familiar to you, it should, since Revel was one of our very first restaurant partners when we launched this service a couple of months ago. As the COVID-19 public health orders stretched on, they made the difficult decision to temporarily close their doors for a few weeks, allowing them to conserve resources for the eventual return of something approaching normal life. Now that non-essential businesses are allowed to do curbside pickup, life is slowly beginning to return to Bullard Street, and the Revel crew decided it was time for them to make their triumphant return as well.

They’ve modified their hours a bit, now closing on both Tuesday and Wednesday. So if you’ve got a hankering for something off their menu, you’d better order now, or you’ll be waiting until Thursday for your next chance.

Of course, Adobe Springs and Wrangler’s Bar and Grill are still cooking up their regular awesomeness as well, and La Familia will return Tuesday (after their regular Monday day off). Order by 10 a.m. for lunch, or by 4 p.m. for dinner delivery — just give us a call at 597-2000.

One more thing before we leave you to peruse some menus: In case you hadn’t heard already, the Daily Press has joined forces with PNM, the Silver City Grant County Chamber of Commerce and the Silver City MainStreet Project for the Support Silver Small Business Auction, powered by PNM. It’s an opportunity to pick up some great deals while also supporting great Grant County businesses, many of which have been enduring public health closures for the past six weeks. There are more than 100 items in the auction, and more are being added every day — so check it out now. Bidding ends this Friday at noon!

Have a fantastic week, and thank you for looking out for your health and that of your neighbor during this crazy moment in history. You’re the best, and I’m proud to know you.



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