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Week Two, Wednesday: It’s here.

While no one is happy that Silver City has its first case of COVID-19, it was realistically only a matter of time until one was reported here — and it won’t be the last. The rural isolation of Grant County has worked in our favor up to this point, but it can just as easily work against us if the virus establishes community spread here. This is the moment all these dire warnings and devastating business closures have prepared us for.

Please — stay home, avoid interactions with other people whenever possible, and maintain that all-important social distance when you do have to go out. And while everyone loves Walmart, that might not be the smartest place to shop right now if you can avoid it. Pretty much all of our other markets are doing a better job of helping people do that at the moment, and that’s an important consideration.

And, of course, food delivery is another great way to help stop the spread while supporting your community. It feels self-serving to say that, but it’s one of the big reasons we started doing this. While we hope we’ll make some money at it in the future, right now we’re just trying to keep the money circulating in the community, while allowing the people themselves to stay safely at home.

Give us a call for lunch or dinner if we can bring you something from Adobe Springs, La Familia or Wrangler’s. They’re all ready and waiting to make something for you!



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